Gallery 21yo-j, located in Tokyo, is a contemporary art gallery that showcases a diverse range of artwork from emerging artists. The gallery focuses on promoting creative expression in the contemporary art world while providing a platform for young artists to showcase their talents. One of the most notable features of Gallery 21yo-j is the space itself. The gallery is spacious and has a modern design that provides visitors with a unique viewing experience. The lighting and the layout of the space are carefully curated to enhance the artwork’s impact and create a cohesive exhibition. Gallery 21yo-j is also located in Shibuya’s bustling neighborhood, making it easy to access for visitors. The gallery’s exhibitions are constantly changing, and the featured artists are always of exceptional quality. The gallery aims to provide a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment to appreciate the current issues in contemporary society. Exhibitions range from installations, paintings, sculptures, and multimedia works. Gallery 21yo-j provides unique opportunities for artists to display their work, moving away from conventional forms of representation. Another unique aspect of Gallery 21yo-j is its focus on community-building. The gallery provides an excellent opportunity to connect with artists, curators, and collectors who are passionate about contemporary art. Additionally, the gallery features special events, workshops, and talks, which create an atmosphere of learning and engagement. One of the most appealing qualities of Gallery 21yo-j is the emphasis on supporting young artists. The gallery provides an opportunity for artists to not only showcase their work but also build their careers with practical guidance and support. The gallery’s emerging artist programs and fellowships are designed to provide aspiring artists with resources and information they need to succeed in the art world. In conclusion, Gallery 21yo-j is a unique space that offers a distinctive taste of contemporary art in Tokyo. With its spacious and modern design, evolving exhibitions, community-building initiatives, and support for young artists, this gallery is an enriching experience for anyone interested in the contemporary art world.

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開館時間13:00 ? 18:00
アクセスJR目黒駅 西口 東急バス4番のりば【黒02・二子玉川駅ゆき】産能大前バス停 下車 より徒歩3分
住所〒158-0082 東京都世田谷区等々力6-24-11
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